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courting shanahan, the redskins begin the process of trying to convince mike shanahan to return to the sidelines. another gate crasher? the investigation into the white house crashers reveals a third person also massaged to crash the party. -- managed to crash the party. improving airline security. president obama calls all security officials to the white house for a closed door session about securing the nation' skies. good morning. i'm andrea rome. thanks for joining us. today is tuesday, january 5. brutal cold out there. even a couple of flakes falling from the sky. here is howard bernstein. >> i would say the brutal cold was the weekend. this is just bad cold. over the weekend we had the wind and the wind chills were much worse but it is tough.
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it is tough here. these are the snowflakes that andrea is talking about with some flurries around. still a few from brandywine down 301, waldorf to route 6. and benedict to mechanicsburg. and maybe colonial beach might pick up a stray flurry but right now that's about all we're seeing on the doppler this morning. let's go over to the weather computer and talking about the cold. 28. 31 in fredericksburg. and 24 for martinsburg. and winchester, 26. and yesterday we managed 34 degrees. still in the 20s in annapolis. and on the eastern shore. what we're looking at wind chill wise, right now we cracked the 20-degree mark at least. that is not as bad. wind chills in cumberland, 19. wind chills yesterday in garrett county, 8 to 10 below. this is what we're looking at. i missed the temperatures by one. we are at 29. and mid-30s this afternoon. stray flurries possible. mainly this morning. this afternoon, a mix of sun
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and clouds. and we do have a threat for some snow. as we get into thursday night, and friday. and i will tell you more about that about 15 minutes. right now, angie has traffic news. >> i got a back up with ms. andrea, it is brutal out there with those of us with thin skin from north carolina. and we begin with actually the eastbound dulles toll road. this is something new. an accident at hunter mill. it takes away the right lane. and you notice the yellow and red because drivers are going slow around the fairfax county parkway area and let's take it over to the beltway. the outer loop, it looks like the incidents cleared here and the delays from new hampshire and georgia starting to break apart nicely. and dc, inbound new york avenue, smooth sailing past florida avenue toward the third street tunnel and the inner loop and take it over to virginia and show you that we're a little below speed from little river up to route 50 and just volume and no incidents
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and accidents and we are going to call it a wrap with interstate 395 and brief flow past duke street and it is when you approach the 14th street bridge with a little bit of the congestion. that's the traffic. now over to, andrea. >> angie, thank you. the mike shanahan watch is on. within hours of jim zorn being fired, redskins brass were in talks with former broncos head coach mike shanahan. and alex is live at redskins parks in ashburn virginia with more. good morning, alex. have you seen any movement there? >> reporter: well, andrea, we have not seen anything new but tell you what. washington wants a guy who has done it before. somebody who will walk in the doors here at redskins park and shake things up. the redskins fundamentally believe that mike shanahan is the one who will bring out the best in these players. and lead them to more victories than losses. mike shanahan has two super bowl rings with the denver broncos. he spent two years with the raiders. he now is on the brink of accepting the third head coaching position if redskins
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owner dan snyder comes to an agreement and does it before another nfl team intercepts the leading prospect. and the redskins have publicly admitted the franchise has taken an aggressive approach to turn the team around after a disappointing season squeezing out over four victories. drawing shanahan in the nation's capital in a private jet triggers a sense of urge ji and talks that -- urgency and talks that must be in works. and bruce allen denied talking about the successor when most knew shanahan was en route to washington. allen did make it clear, they will bring in a true leader. >> we need to fine a passionate coach. a winning coach. that can come in and lead the men that were in this room earlier. >> reporter: he also said, quote, what we're looking for in a head coach is somebody who can lead these men that we had in our locker room this year to levels they haven't played before. big changes are happening for the redskins. now, everybody is just playing the waiting game to see if the ink will dry and the redskins
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make the announcement. mike shanahan, the new head coach? that official announcement has yet to come. it could happen as early as today. we're live in ashburn, alex trevino, 9 news now. while the redskins prepare for the future coach, they are putting the past behind them by helping the old coach moving out of town. jim zorn's homeworkers were hauling out boxes and the family is doing well and releague on their faith. the jim zorn firing has led to the retirement of an nfl coaching legend. redskins offensive line coach joe bugle announced his retirement after 32 years. he is walking away after 32 years. the team is planning to honor his career. you can follow developing redskins coaching saga, any time at wusa9 .com. and check out the sports page for skins uncensored with in depth blogs at redskins park.
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and police are searching for clues after a fatal double shooting that happened around 3:30 this morning in the hyattsville area of prince george's county. two men were found inside a car along east spring street. both were pronounced dead at the scene. police have no information on possible suspects or a motive in the shooting. stay tuned to 9 news now for updates on this developing story. white house party crashers apparently come in threes. the third person who allegedly crashed the obama's first state dinner thanksgiving week has now been identified. he is carlos allen, a local party promoter. the state department says he arrived with the delegation from india. this revelation was made during the investigation into how tareq and michaele salahi got into that same event without an invitation. the new york times reports of a major concern during last january's presidential inauguration about a plot by somali terrorists. outgoing bush administration officials worked with the
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incoming obama administration on the investigation. the only cabinet member sworn in, defense secretary robert gates, was kept at a secure undisclosed location. the threat ended up being a rumor fueled by a rival terrorist group. a nasa scientist accused of attempting to sell government secrets to an israeli intelligence officer is due in court today for a status hearing. 52-year-old stuart moosehead is accused of seeking $2 million for selling secrets to an undercover fbi agent, posing as an israeli intelligence officer. and he has pleaded not guilty in the case. the u.s. embassy in yemen has reopened. it was closed for two days because of a possible terror threat. president obama will be reviewing that information as he meets today with his top security officials. digital correspondent whit johnson has a preview. >> reporter: president obama plans to lay out new steps today aimed at keeping the skies safe. he will make the public statement after his big
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security meeting with officials this afternoon. they will discuss how a nigerian man allegedly came so close to blowing up a u.s. jetliner. and more importantly, how to avoid another attack. >> with the terrorists on the plane coming into detroit, we are not satisfied. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton will be just one of the 20 agency heads at today's briefing. on monday, she vowed to close any gaps in the nation's security net. >> but we're looking to see whether those procedures need to be changed or upgraded. >> some changes are already under way. the government has added dozens of names to the terrorist watch list and no fly list. and international travelers are facing stepped-up security. >> you're frisked and they checked all of the carry-on that you're allowed to take on. >> passengers flying into the u.s. from 14 countries, four of which the u.s. considers sponsors of terrorism, dealt with tough new rules monday. including full body pat-downs. and carry-on searches. but some experts hope america
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is not relying soley on airport security to prevent another attack. >> instead of looking for dangerous objects, like toenail clippers and rogue bottles of sham paorbgs we -- shampoo we should be looking for bad people. >> reporter: they want improvement in the intelligence system. and the officials were given a number of clues about suspected terrorist umar farouk abdulmutallab before the attack, but the dots were never connected in time. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. we have breaking news to tell you about right now. this is a school bus accident. we have very little information. just to alert you, a school bus accident in chevy chase, maryland. a 7-year-old boy was injured when the bus collided with a car in front of rock creek forest elementary school around 8:45. the school is on grub road. the boy is being taken to the hospital. no other student is believed to be injured. we will keep you updated on that in this newscast and of course we will have the very latest for you on 9 news at noon. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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welcome back to 9 news now. a live look at downtown washington. we understand there may be a few snowflakes falling around the region. here is howard with an update on the forecast. >> good morning. thanks, andrea. we have some of the snowflakes in the last little while down in southern maryland and we will look at doppler in a moment. but right now, looking at a blustery day. highs in the mid-30s. same story tomorrow. little change as i'm calling it. thursday, that's when we've got
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a snowflake with a clipper system coming and ahead of it we could warm in the upper 30s but behind it, more arctic air is moving in. the forecast, this afternoon, partly sunny, and breezy and a stray flurry can't be ruled out but i think we can see most of the flurry activity that we're going to see and highs around 35 and northwest winds 10-20. and the wind chill is staying in the 20s for most of us and partly to mostly cloudy. tonight, lows back in the 20s with the northwest winds 10-15. sunset 5:00 on the nose and then tomorrow, little change. and partly sunny and breezy and cold with highs in the middle 30s. you can see we had a lot of snow and still do off to the west of the mountains in pennsylvania, and west virginia and western maryland and notice here we've seen some activity come through our neck of the woods and now moving over to the delmarva and then southern maryland, just a couple of flurries that are still showing up on live doppler 9000hd. you can see coming out of prince george's county pushing into eastern charles and getting into part of st. mary's and cal vert and pretty quiet at the moment flurry-wise and a few flurries may be actually crossing the river by the 301
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bridge over to dalgren from riverside. other than that, a quiet but cold morning. we have been saying that a lot lately and you can see the cloudiness we have outside. and temperature-wise, we're sitting now at 29. and northwest winds at 10 and giving us a wind chill of 20 here in washington. and other temperatures ranging from the mid-20s, and martinsburg and hagerstown at 24. and 31 in fredericksburg. and andrews air force base, prince george's county, 27. big picture, look at the cold, minneapolis, 9 below. it was in the 29, 30 below range at international falls and the arctic air is coming south. there is another piece of energy, a little clipper will form up here and ride down and once it passes us, it will allow more cold air to come in for the second half of the week. in the short term we have the snow showers this afternoon persisting. by tomorrow morning, they lift up and then hd land, we have low pressure coming in and that is the clipper that will bring more cold air. and a little snow.
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here is the seven-day forecast. mid-30s today and tomorrow. maybe the upper 30s thursday. there is the clipper thursday night, friday. the cold air returns with an arctic blast as we head to friday through the weekend and highs in the 20s to near 30. andrea, back to you. >> thank you, howard. two san diego professors reportedly want to use gps technology to help illegal immigrants cross the borders and what's more the group federation for immigration reform says text messaging is being used to warn illegal aliens of possible crime sweeps and what is happening to immigration reform. with me now is immigration attorney don morris. good to have you with us. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you, too. >> and it seems like 2008, the campaign was so long ago. immigration reform. a hot button issue then. and since then, it seems to be way on the back burner. is that just my imagination? >> we're celebrating 10 years, a full decade of immigration promises and trying to fix the broken system, and it just keeps going back to the back burner as you said.
9:16 am
it is just so difficult for congress to get a grip on it. and think that members of congress can get re-elected if they actually address it. >> and we were going to save re- election for later on but since you brought it up, what are the key issues? what has to be fixed? if there could be one thing that could be fixed, is there anything democrats and republicans agree on when it comes to immigration reform? >> they all agree that the system is broken. after that, it is very, very difficult to see much that they agree on. republicans are split between business folks who need temporary workers coming in to fill hard-to-fill spot, especially in the low end and the high end. our colleges don't graduate enough engineers. mathematicians. hard scientists. to fill all of the needs in our businesses. and our research facilities. and at the low end, whether it is crab picking or doing something else menial, americans don't want it. so in there, those are the two ends. on the other side, we have republicans who really don't want foreigners coming in.
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they think that they don't learn the language. don't learn the customs. all of that. and on the democratic side, have you unions that don't want temporary workers. the businessside, they would like full-time folks coming in. we've got issues about whether it should be more family-based, more business-based, and then it comes down, are immigrants good for the economy or bad for the economy? especially in a time when job creation is so important. we've got so many americans out of work. how in the world are we going to make room for more immigrants is really at the crux of the problem right now. >> amnesty was a big deal for the people who are already in the united states. has the obama administration rolled back on its commitment for amnesty? do you know exactly where the obama administration stands now on immigration reform in light of national security, health care, and finding jobs for everyone? >> shame on you, using the word. there is no amnesty. there is no amnesty. the "a" word has not been used at all. maybe delayed legalization. get in line. all of that. the obama administration has
9:18 am
been nowhere on this. and it really does get back to politics. with the 2010 congressional election coming up, they're looking at the map and there are 50 democrats who are elected in districts where president bush and or candidate mccain took, and im bration is a big issue, and they're not going to go for complex immigration reform. but if due do it before the 2012 election cycle that came up then all of the promises that president obama, we're going to take care of this, do the immigrant communities stick with democrats, or do they shift back to republicans, and it is just a mess, andrea. but the only thing we know, nothing is happening and nothing is likely to happen until lame duck 2010. >> so starting the second decade. >> starting the second decade, we will bring out the candles. >> absolutely. >> don, thanks for being us with. sorry we don't bring you anything new on the immigration reform front. we'll be right back.
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layoff notices are going out to 678v-dot workers, a final phase of cuts aiming at reducing a budget short fall. the round cuts last year mostly involved unfilled positions and this round of reductions includes closing 15 residency offices. if you drive over the
9:22 am
wilson bridge in the overnight hours, you may encounter backups for the next few weeks. on weeknights, crews will close two lanes of the inner loop from the route 1 interchange to the eisenhower connector. and that means just one lane of traffic will be open from 8:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. now here is peggy fox. i'm peggy fox with moms like me .com. and here is a new years resolution you can make and keep with your children. make the world a greener place. with me now is anna sneed, the events coordinator of family magazine and she has some great earth smart craft ideas. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks for having us. >> we have bird feeders and we like to keep the birds and a lot of birds winter here and we see the cardinals and what not and we will make bird feeders. tell us how we do it? >> absolutely. two variations of a homemade bird feeder and the first one is more complex aimed for the older kids at home that might have a little more patience. and it is all made out of recycled materials which is great. a very green, if you will.
9:23 am
this is what you need, a recycled milk carton or individual sized orange juice carten. >> they can bring it home from school. >> absolutely. and scissors and glue and a whole punch or a sharp pencil. and as well as a string. and you can use popsicle sticks obviously and empty it out and once it is cleaned out and rinsed out, two circles, and cut out two big holes and big enough for obviously a small bird to fit inside and then you will want to use the hole punch or sharp pencil and poke a hole in the top here and just tie through the string and as you can see here, and if you want to dot popsicle sticks you can glue on top and make a house and if you want to paint it or decorate it, you can obviously go for it and make sure everything is nontoxic. >> what kind of -- this is paper you glued on? >> yes. >> i would imagine it would be a little bit hard to paint the waxy surface of the carten. >> yes, you have to be careful and do a couple of layers probably. >> and what about how to make it rain-safe? maybe are you using special kind of paint for that? >> you can use special paint
9:24 am
which you can find at an arts and craft store or laminate it. >> and put the bird seed in the bottom and there you go. >> that is the earth friendly laminating, i'm not sure about that. but we like to keep it around. very cute. tand could make a nice gift as well. >> absolutely. >> and i like this one, too. this is a very simple straightforward, and all you need is a pine cone, and again, you have the ripen here, and peanut -- the ribbon here and we have peanut butter. >> we just slath ter on? >> yes, just slather it on. >> and you can roll it or sprinkle on the bird seeds. >> i would have to keep this away from my doggy. my doggy would get this. and make mince meat of it. >> and you roll it together. and it naturally sticks as you can see. and then there you go. and something great once they're completed, it is hanging it on a tree, outside your house, and then your kids can kind of observe what the different birds are visiting and it turns into a little science project. >> i know that the cardinals love the sun flower seeds and i
9:25 am
do know, too, it is night they don't have the shells on them because the wood peckers cannot take the shells off. did you know that? >> i didn't know that. we learn something new. >> great ideas. i like it. and a nice way to get the family involved and do things and get your kids away from the tv set and make earth-friendly bird feeders. >> anna, thank you very much. and we will have this on moms like me .com. so you can find out exactly how to make it. thank you very much. and check it out on moms like me .com.
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here is a look at what is ahead on tap for the rest of the week. the police chief will be talking tomorrow. and on thursday, a local fitness trainer talks about keeping healthy and fit in the new year. and mind over money returns on friday, getting you out of debt. a cold and blustery day. upper 30s. and then a clipper system comes a little snow. and a little early to know what sort of impact for friday
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morning and colder air comes back and you will love that. >> has it left? >> well, maybe not. >> and the next news is at noon with jc hayward. we will see you again tomorrow starting at 4:55. so long. (woman) these are my mom's shoes. i walked in her shoes all 60 miles. (laughs) (man) when they first told us she had breast cancer, i was scared to death. i thought that i was gonna lose my best friend. (woman) the 3-day walk is-- is a life-changing experience. it's so filled with hope, with love and support. (man) i don't want my daughter to have to go through what she went through. i have to walk. i will walk.
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